Monday, August 31, 2015

Miracles -- Email from 31 August 2015

Hey family! 
I hope that everything is going well for you all and that you are all doing well. I hope that school hasn’t hit you all too hard, and that work is going well to. This week was incredible. We saw a ton of miracles. I’m going to write you all a list of miracles that I saw this week showing how prepared the family of Laura was:
  • We found her from a reference in the street. We arrived at her house in the pouring rain and she let us in and was really happy to see us. 
  • In the first lesson she presented us to her nephew Nahir. Nahir was passing through a hard time and needed help from god. She lives with Laura as well. 
  • In the second lesson, Laura told us that for ten years she has been praying for the true church and looked through the many churches and couldn’t find one that she likes. She told us that recently she changed her prayers asking God to send her angels and she claims that we are them. :) 
  • When we presented the Book of Mormon she said "I knew the bible wasn’t enough. I always felt like we needed more than just the bible"
  • In the third lesson she presented us her kids, who are 11 and 8 and asked if we could baptize them. 
  • They went to church and loved it. They also are reading the Book of Mormon a ton. Laura is in 2nd Nephi. 
  • She presented us her other nephew and sister in law. The other nephew is going to get baptized this Sunday. 
  • She smoked for 20 years, and this last week she went from smoking 20 cigarettes every day to smoking 2 and is working hard to quit. 
  • She has a testimony of Joseph smith and the resurrection. 
  • She called her mom to invite her to go to the church in another part of Argentina. Her mom cried and told her that she is a member of the church and that she was baptized three years ago and that she was afraid to tell her daughter for fear of rejection. 
  • We brought them to a baptism yesterday and Laura cried for like the entire time. 
Laura isn’t going to get baptized for a time because she is living together without being married, but this weekend we have the baptism of her two kids and two nephews. We also have transfers Tuesday. I hope with all of my heart that I can stay her and help them more, but I accept the decision of the lord if it’s my time to go to another part of the mission. If I go, it will be because I went up to zone leader, because I am training and they won’t change me unless I am going up. I have cried, laughed, comforted, taught, and learned from this family. I’m amazed with their faith and diligence. The kids want to serve missions, and Laura is inviting everyone to the church. She told me for the first time in her life she really is happy again. I came on the mission to find this family. I love this family and they have forever changed my life. We will see if I can stay here, or if I am headed out to another area next Tuesday.

Love you all!
Elder Jensen

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