Monday, August 17, 2015

Listening to the Spirit -- Email from 17 August 2015

This week was really good! And it went by super fast. This week we taught 29 lessons with a member present and we also taught 23 without a member present. It was sweet!

But The coolest part of my week was Thursday when my companion and I were walking in the rain together. We saw a woman who was staring at us and I felt the impression to talk to her. But I didn't. We walked 25 feet and my companion said to me that we should turn around to talk with her. We turned around and started walking towards her until she lit up a cigarette. We then stopped and turned around again and kept walking. Then twenty more feet we got hit in the face with another impression and we turned around and went to talk with her. She accepted a baptismal date and we took her direction (address) and sadly it was in the area of the zone leaders. So we passed them the reference and then continued on our way.  The next day the leaders told us something incredible. That she found a Book of Mormon in a box of books over a year ago and then took it to her house and read it all. She was in the church bright and early this Sunday morning. It's an experience that I will never forget, and we almost lost it for not listening to the voice of the spirit! 

We also took a a tour of Buenos Aires today so that was pretty cool. Next Monday i will send pictures.

Elder Jensen

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