Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Investigators Getting Married -- Email from 27 July 2015


Fernanda and Luis -- Getting Married!
Hopefully that your vacations were good and that you all have had a good time. Send some pictures of you all and the family Siver and the Richios and with grandpa! 

This week went by really fast. Like too fast. Everything was going well!   Thursday I received a call from the assistants and they told me that i am going to train again. So tonight I’m going to receive a brand new kid! My second kid! He should enter in the field this night. I was sad to see Elder Santos leave but I’m really happy to be training again. Now, after that we worked hard and brought two investigators named Lesli and Katy. They are progressing well and have a baptismal date for the 9th of August. Then we got to Monday and had the wedding ceremony of Fernanda and Luis. It was AWESOME. I was really happy haha. She is going to get baptized this Saturday! And then confirmed this Sunday! Oh yeah! And then yesterday night the Assistants called me again and told me that president wants me as a district leader. That means that I will be responsible for helping like three companions of elders during this time. Wow.  So if I didn’t have much responsibility before, now I have a ton of responsibility. I’m going to be really busy with the district and with my new kid! Hopefully I get a kid from the states, it would be really cool, but I’m cool for whatever change that I get!

Wish me luck

Elder Jensen

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